Flying high

This is how a Laughing Catholic would travel to Davos -- in his dreams.
This is how a Laughing Catholic would travel to Davos — in his dreams.

Poor Switzerland has been subjected to an epidemic of irony this week.

It comes in the form of the World Economic Forum.  The irony is that the forum includes lots of politicians and business leaders who are drowning in wealth but are talking about how much they care about the poor and downtrodden.

  • The forum attendees insist something must be done about global warming; they arrived in more than 1700 private jets.
  • They espouse income equality; a ticket to attend costs $40,000.
  • There is much wringing of hands over the unequal treatment of women; only 17 percent of the participants are female persons.

I’m sorry, but I can’t take someone very seriously when they are expressing concern about the poor while nibbling on caviar at exclusive hotel.

If I were running this event it would be at a Holiday Inn in New Jersey.  Public transportation only. Cold cereal for breakfast, hot dogs for lunch, salad bar for dinner.  $100 a day room and meals – extra for HBO.

If someone really wants to help others, don’t tell me how much you care – act like it.

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