An alternative to preschool

Conrad the Green Cheek Conure
Conrad the Green Cheek Conure

A new study finds evidence that watching Sesame Street has about the same benefit for kids as going to preschool.  Read all about it in the Washington Post.

This could change everything.

I went to preschool when I was a little darling.  They didn’t have Sesame Street back then, but I watched Captain Kangaroo and Romper Room.

My son and daughter also went to preschool and neither much liked Sesame Street.  But even if they had loved the show, we would have sent them to preschool where they interacted with live humans.  (To be honest, one of the preschool teachers was a little like Oscar the Grouch, but she did keep the kids in line.)

I don’t remember how much we paid to send the kids to preschool, but it had to be lots more than turning on the television and tuning to PBS, which you don’t need cable to view.

I did a little googling of the own and learned that in Chicago you can find a number of preschools that charge more than $1,000 a month per rug rat.  You can pay even more in New York or Washington.  It would be much cheaper to buy the best flat-screen television Wal-Mart has to offer and watch Sesame Street.

My further research found that if you like Big Bird (apparently the most star of Sesame Street) you can get a real fancy bird of your very own for under $1,000:  White Face Pied Cockatiel, Violet Indian Ringneck, Blue Mountain Lorikeets, Severe Macaw, Pacific Parrotlets or a Green Cheek Conure.

So, a parent can be way ahead of the game by getting a huge television, a fancy bird and making the kids preschool dropouts.  In my case, my kids are too old for preschool and I don’t have a fancy television.  But I do have a bird.

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