Cecil Sanity

Cecil the lion before his sad encounter with the dentist
Cecil the lion before his sad encounter with the dentist

I’m bothered that an American dentist went to Zimbabwe, shot a beloved lion with a bow and arrow, wounded him, tracked him for hours and finished him off with a gun.

Having said that, I’m outraged at several others things going on in the world, none of which can be blamed on dentists.  (By the way, my dentist is a very nice lady who would never shoot a lion or intentionally cause pain to an animal or human.)

I am outraged at Planned Parenthood clinics chopping up babies and selling off the parts.

I am outraged at abortion clinics killing millions of American babies.

I am outraged at ISIS beheading Christians.

I am outraged at nuns being forced by our government to pay for birth control pills.

I am outraged by our courts gradually – but dramatically – stealing our religious freedom.

I could go on, but the point is that there are more traumatic things happening than the unfortunate death of Cecil and lion.

Some animal activists (by that I mean people who like animals, not animals that are active) have suggested that the dentist who shot Cecil should be put on trial and executed.  That certainly has an ISIS ring to it – kill a lion and we’ll kill a dentist.

I’m sorry, but I just can’t equate human lives to lion lives – and I can’t reason my way to Cecil’s death being as serious as any of the issues I raise above.

However, when we stop killing babies and persecuting Christians, I’ll start worrying about lions.

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