See no evil?

The_dangerous_arch_created_by_the_falling_beech_tree,“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

Ah…this is one of those philosophical questions that people have pondered for centuries.  But through the magic of modern recording techniques, we have definitely determined that sound is created independent of a human being present.

We have a new version:

“If there is a video of people dismembering babies at a Planned Parenthood clinic and you don’t watch the video did the dismembering really occur?

Struthio_camelus6Like the sound in the forest, the murder of innocents occurs even if you won’t watch.  But lots of folks in Washington are refusing to watch the videos recently released by the Center for Medical Progress.

Perhaps they believe the tapes are fakes.  Perhaps they really believe that if they don’t watch them they don’t exist (the tapes, I mean).  Perhaps they have a self-induced case of denial.

Perhaps they believe that if they put their heads in the sand like a frightened ostrich, the images will disappear.

They won’t. And by the way…ostriches don’t really do the head in the sand thing.

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