A doll too far?

Photo by by weisserstier from Wien, Austria
Photo by by weisserstier from Wien, Austria

Virgin Mary Barbie.  Crucified Jesus Ken.

No, it isn’t a joke.  It is part of an “art show” in Buenos Aires that features iconic Barbie (and Ken) dressed as various religious figures.

I suppose this had to happen.  There is a Barbie for nearly everything, which you can experience on her website.  Barbie is celebrated around the world.

To the manufacturer’s credit, you won’t find the controversial Virgin Mary and Crucified Jesus dolls.  As previously stated, they exist only in the art show.

The art show is generating controversy, which many art shows strive to produce.  As you might expect, some Catholics find the dolls disrespectful.  Others say the Catholic should lighten up and enjoy the show.

Muslims would complain if the show featured Ken as the prophet Mohammed.  But there is a limit to the bravery of the artists involved, so they don’t have any Muslim figures.  I guess they don’t want to be really, really controversial.

Like I said, this is an art show, so don’t expect to wander over to your local Walmart and buy a Virgin Mary Barbie.  But there are plenty of other options, like Haunted Beauty Zombie Bride Barbie.  She isn’t a joke – but she should be.

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