Google rules

11339398686_c6b3f595abOne way to judge the fame of a person is to measure how many results come back from a Google search.

Searching today, I got 182 million for Barack Obama and 116 million for Hillary Clinton.  Donald Trump topped both with 217 million, not surprising for a man who appears to believe that any publicity is good publicity.

Pope Francis garners 132 million, fewer than a president but more than a president wannabe.

Mother Teresa trails the crowd with a mere 96 million. Of course, she is the only deceased person in this group.  And she is closer to sainthood that any of the others.  (Not to deny the miracles God can work, but I’m thinking only one of the others has the slightest chance of ending up a saint.)

The church doesn’t take Google numbers into account when deciding if someone is a saint.  The process is a bit more discerning, thorough and holy.  But the people who form the Body of Christ seem to have a pretty good eye for what makes a saint; nobody is surprised by Mother Teresa.  I think over the next few months she might top Trump in the Google eternity category.

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