I Challenge You to Vote

The folks who run Major League Baseball just decided to move the 2021 Allstar Game from Georgia to Colorado.

The stated reason is that Georgia legislators have passed a law that requires a person to have an ID to vote. Some on the liberal side of the political spectrum have charged that this is voter suppression aimed at keeping the poor, minority, downtrodden, humble, and meek from voting.

This is interesting in light of the fact that Colorado requires an ID to vote.

In light of the controversy around the 2020 Presidential election and charges (many like true) of fake ballots being counted, it is reasonable that many states are enacting laws to ensure the integrity of elections.  After all, this isn’t – or isn’t supposed to be – a banana republic.

Voting is a serious responsibility in a republic such as ours.  It should not be taken lightly. It should be cherished and something that takes a little effort.

Some politicians are vowing to make it easier to vote.  If they mean the polls are handicapped accessible, public transportation is available for people to get to the polls, and employers have to give people time off to do their civic duty, that is fine with me.

If it means you don’t have to prove you have the right to vote or even your identity, I have a serious issue with that. We should make sure that everyone who is legally entitled to vote is able to vote (once per election).

The hypocrisy of folks like the baseball executives who are criticizing Georgia lawmakers is breathtaking.  They don’t think you should produce an ID to vote, but try showing up at the will call window at Yankee Stadium and ask for the lower box seats you reserved without producing an ID.

Airlines are protesting Georgia’s legislation but I can’t remember every getting on a commercial airplane without showing an ID.  In fact, I’ve been scanned, patted down, and interrogated.

I can’t get a driver’s license, fishing license, or sticker for my kayak without producing an ID. Which isn’t to say getting a fishing license is a huge challenge. I just think it ought to require as much effort to vote.

Frankly, if someone doesn’t have an official ID and can’t figure out how to get one, I really don’t think they should be helping to decide who wins the next Presidential election. I don’t think they should be helping to choose the local dog catcher.

At the risk of sounding as un-woke-ish as is possible, I challenge our elected representatives to make it HARDER to vote.

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