The limits of clothing

IMG_20150105_181842This is not about terrorism — unless you have a deep fear of the cold.  That menacing picture is none other than your faithful blogger, gearing up to face sub-zero temperatures, wind and a driveway with a few inches of snow.

Living in the American Midwest, one gets accustomed to snow and cold.  I pity those poor folks in deprived places like Southern California; they get up every morning, look at the weather and realize it likely will never get any better.  I can look forward to spring!

Cold weather isn’t really much of a problem, at least not for people.  (Water pipes, cars, trains and some birds don’t much like it.)  No matter how cold it gets, I can always adjust by simply putting on more layers of clothing.  At some point I might be like the little brother in “A Christmas Story,” unable to move my arms and legs.  But at least I’ll be warm.

Those poor souls in hot climates are more limited.  There are only so many layers of clothes you can remove in an effort to get cool.  And even if you remove all the layers (which I don’t advocate be done in public), you will still be hot if it is more than 90 degrees.

So…I’m counting my blessings, confident that God is giving me winter so I’ll enjoy the spring.  And as long as winter continues, people can skate, ski, sled and throw snowballs.  Those folks in Southern California can’t throw sunballs.

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