The new reformation?

40B226DC63“Deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”

That was the political quote of the week, produced by the wife of a former president who wants her turn in the Oval Office.

The quote could related to pay equality for all, an end to racism, the rights of women in oppressive Muslim nations or the need to stop religion-based terrorism.

It doesn’t.

It refers to the need to make abortion available by breaking down those beliefs that oppose murdering babies.  Of course, those beliefs are found in all major religions and even among atheists with a belief in natural law.  Abortion is murder and murder is forbidden among people faith.  It is forbidden among folks who know right from wrong.  Period.

The politician cited above has said in the past that abortion should be “safe, legal and rare.”  But the latest quote suggests that what is most important is that it be available over the objections of those mean old people with antiquated religious beliefs.

I have a suspicion she is talking about us pesky Catholics – probably those noisy Evangelicals, too.  We’re also trying to combine mercy and morality, forgiveness with following God’s word.

For our beliefs, we are suffering the soft tyranny of being marginalized.  But I’d rather be relegated to the margins than murder a baby.  I’d rather save a baby than win an election.  But with hard work and the grace of God, maybe the babies will win this round.

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