Hang in there

Pope-Francis-1_3287516bI just Googled “Franco Rabuffi” and got more than 8,000 results.  News stories.  Blogs.  Commentaries.

A few days ago, I expect a search would have delivered a bit fat zero.  But that was before the skeptical Italian man hung up on a personal phone call from the Pope – twice.

Franco thought the call(s) was a prank.  But when the Holy Father called the third time, Franco decided it might be real, apologized and shared a laugh with the man in white.  To Franco’s great relief, the Pope thought it was funny.

The Pope forgave what to most anyone would be about the worst social effort possible. And then he invited Franco and his wife to the weekly general audience so he could forgive him in person and give him a papal hug.

Thank you, Pope Francis, for being so kind, so human, so…Catholic.

I’ve work in corporate offices where the failure to recognize the voice of a senior manager could be threatening to a career.  And I never worked with anyone nearly as important as the Pope.

Pope Francis takes his faith – our faith – as seriously as it can be taken.  But he is much more down-to-earth about his humanity.  What a blessing for the rest of us.

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