Gentleman motorcycle operators

76B0053274The Twin Peaks eating and drinking establishment in Waco, Texas hosted a social event involving a few gentleman motorcycle operators over the weekend.

A bit of a scuffle ensued, which required intervention by law enforcement authorities.  After some fairly difficult discussions, nine of the gentlemen were dead and more than 165 arrested.

You may be thinking that my account of this situation is a bit reserved. And it is; I’m working to refine my reportorial skills to the highly nuanced level of today’s major news organization.

My first instinct was to call these guys something more eloquent:  murdering, terror-inducing, biker thugs.  But then I remembered that when an army of 20,000 called itself the Islamic State Army, took over a country or two and started beheading Christians, the media were careful not to associate it with Muslims.  They were, perhaps, terrorists, but in a political sense having nothing to do with religion and the millions of peace-loving Muslims around the world.

I figure it is pretty much the same with the Twin Peaks patrons in Waco.  Their actions were not religious.  They were not political.  And whatever trouble they caused should not confer any reputation damage on the millions of peace-loving motorcycle riders, Vespa owners, mountain bikers and moms pulling little red wagons.

Just the same, if I were president of the Waco Chamber of Commerce, I’d be developing a safe dining program for local restaurants.  And I’d give Twin Peaks a scholarship.

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