A rare "Cubs Win" sign.
A rare “Cubs Win” sign.

As a fan of the Chicago White Sox, I’m not surprised that the Chicago Cubs would get their most publicity from a fan catching a foul ball.

A few days ago (as you might have seen on social media) a fan caught a foul ball while holding a baby who was drinking from a bottle.  It is a remarkable, skillful, well-coordinated catch.  And it has generated lots of comments:

  • What a great dad!
  • The baby didn’t miss a drop of his bottle!
  • That guy could be playing baseball!
  • Talk about staying calm in a difficult situation!

OK…I don’t know the guy and, generally speaking, he may be super dad.  But it isn’t how this dad would have played the ball.

If I were holding a baby and a foul ball were headed my way, I would turn my back to the ball and shield the child with my body.  I wouldn’t risk misjudging the ball and it hitting the baby.  I would make sure that if the ball hit someone, it would be me.

This little incident makes a cute story.  I expect it will be shown again and again and family gatherings.  When the baby grows up he’ll probably tell his friends, “I was the baby when the guy – my dad – made that great catch.”

My priority would be protecting the child, not getting a foul ball.  I’m just glad the baseball didn’t smash the kid in the head.

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