A week to remember

.facebook_1435413810312Dear Grandpa Diff,

I have not written for quite some time, but the events of the last week suggest I need to say something, perhaps enough to stop you spinning in your grave.

Ah….where do I start?  Well, to put things in perspective, you will recall that our Supreme Court way back in 1973, discovered the right to abortion hidden in the US Constitution.  You and I know darn well it isn’t there, but the folks on the Supreme Court somehow fantasized its presence.  (The abortion ruling didn’t work out so well for more than 55,000,000 babies who should have been born since 1973.)

Unfortunately, they have been continuing their investigations (and fantasies) and have found new things covered in our nation’s founding documents.  For one thing, they have found the right for men to marry men and women to marry women.  (I’m not going to try to explain why that would interest anyone.)  And they have discovered that when they review laws they have the right to approve what they like and disapprove what they don’t – irrespective of the Constitution.

The result is that we’re having a bit of a constitutional crisis, although lots of politicians call it progress.

Symbolic of that progress, the White House was illuminated in rainbow colors this week, the first time it has been illuminated by anything but regular old bright, white, light.  The rainbow colors are symbol of “gay rights” – as demonstrated by the legalization of gay marriage.  I expect you are wondering why the White House would be displaying such rainbow sympathies; so am I.

My dad (your son-in-law), my wife’s father and my wife’s uncle were imperfect but brave men.  They spent some of the prime years of their lives in the Pacific during World War II.  They saw suffering and death and were ready to sacrifice everything for the country and people they loved.

They were men who could relate to your favorite expression of shock at things that didn’t add up to you:  “Oh, for the love of our country.”

That phrase has been running through my head a lot in the past week.  I know priests and ministers who are going to risk public attack, perhaps even jail, by proclaiming biblical truth.

Oh, for the love of our country.

People will be denied jobs and opportunity because they refuse to condone gross violations of natural law.

Oh, for the love of our country.

Many of us will face a “soft” persecution, marginalized and ridiculed.  We may not be put to the sword, but who knows?

Oh, for the love of our country.

This must all sound terribly negative.  Perhaps it is a bit unsettling to you – and shame on me for unsettling the dead.

But I’m hopeful.  Man is trying so hard to make his own plan come true on earth:  do what feels good and what fulfills you desire for fame, glory and things.  This has been tried before.

Man tried doing things his way in the Garden of Eden.  It didn’t work then and it won’t work now.

Grandpa, pray that we earthlings come to our senses and try it God’s way.

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