A tantrum will shut him up?

Freedom-of-SpeechDonald Trump has a way with words.  He tends to come across as a bit harsh and insensitivity.

I wouldn’t mind having dinner with the guy – provided he paid.  And I wouldn’t mind living next door to the guy – that would mean I had come into a great deal of money.

No, I didn’t vote for him in the Illinois primary election – I voted for one of the other guys.

It isn’t the challenging things Trump says that worries me; it is the crowds of people trying to prevent him from stating his point of view.  Those folks ring of the thugs in totalitarian regimes who beat those with different political views, who make political opponents “disappear” or suppress the practice of religion.

When free speech falls victim to street protests, America becomes just another banana republic.  Policy should be determined by a vigorous debate of ideas, not by who throws the biggest tantrum to prevent an opponent from speaking.

One of the most distinguishing features of the United States has been freedom of expression.  We have always let anyone and everyone say what they want to say.  But we are fumbling away that fundamental right.

Several of the people running for our nation’s highest office express views that I find morally reprehensible.  But I have no intention of trying to prevent them from stating their views – and am ready to go to the mat to prevent them from taping my mouth.

Freedom of speech doesn’t mean I can’t say something that might hurt someone else’s feelings; it means I can state my case even when it is painful to those who disagree with me.

One person’s hurt feeling is another person’s deeply held belief.

I’m all for being thoughtful, polite and considerate of others.  I’m also going to have my say.

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