Save us from total economic collapse

lemonIt is that dangerous season, the height of summer when the recurrent threat to civilization rears its ugly head.

I speak not of ISIS, biological terrorism, nuclear war or global warming.  No.  I speak of the outbreak of unlicensed, unregulated, uninspected businesses that strike fear in the hearts of regulators and bureaucrats.

Across the nation, these threats to health and safety spring up on city streets, suburban roads and even innocent rural paths.  The criminals who staff them may look innocent, but they are scofflaws with no respect for the will of the nanny state that issues permissions for the sun to rise and set.

Make no mistake, this danger cannot be allowed to stand.

But stand it does, as in lemonade stand.  Yes, I’m talking the summer lemonade stand, typically staffed by boys and girls in the age range of 4-10.

These insurgent enterprises pop up like dandelions in my lawn, charging undercutting prices of 25 cents for a class of lemonade, sometimes with the tantalizing offer of a free cookie thrown in to further undermine the will of the governing elite.

It gets worse.  Often the proceeds from these stands can total several dollar, with taxes and FICA withholding surreptitiously avoided.  This tricky scheme may cost state and local government dozens of dollars a year, the price of rampant lawlessness.

There is but one solution to this disheartening tragedy:  ignore it.

That’s right.  Don’t call the police, the health department or the National Security Agency.

Just smile and accept reality.  Boys will be boys.  Girls will be girls.  Children always have sold lemonade and they always will.

As long as they do, a useful check on overbearing government and crabby neighbors will prevail.  God Bless America.

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