Sticker Shock

0221181149Like any other sane person, I’m saddened and shocked whenever there is a shooting at a school – or anywhere else for that matter.

Unlike many other people (or so it seems) I don’t think putting a “Gun Free Zone” sticker on the door of a school will stop the violence.  I know this will sound politically incorrect, of which I’m somewhat proud, but common sense tells me that a “Gun Free Zone” sticker might actually encourage killers.

Here is the thing. What that sticker tells a killer is they have nothing to fear if they enter the building.  Nobody has the means to fight back if they start shooting.  And since the police can’t be everywhere all the time, if a killer starts shooting, he likely will cause a good deal of death before the good guys show up.

What would a killer do if he showed up at a school and it had a stick on the door like one or more of the following?

  • All teachers armed with assault weapons.
  • Means dogs patrolling the halls.
  • Home of the national champion rifle team.
  • We Love Hunters.
  • ROTC marksman team on duty 24×7.
  • Navy Seals welcome.

Maybe these stickers wouldn’t stop a determined killer, but they make more sense than a sticker that says a killer won’t be resisted.

I wish changing the world were as simple as just putting up a little sign.  If a sign would do the trick, I would put up the following:

  • Bill Free Zone (on my house)
  • Accident Free Zone (on my car)
  • Illness Free Zone (on the hospital)
  • Fat Free Zone (on the bakery)
  • Alcohol Free Zone (on the liquor store)
  • Calorie Free Zone (on my fridge)

Unfortunately, putting up a sign really doesn’t do much other than tell the world “I really care,” as when contestants in beauty contests proclaim their desire for world peace.

I have a rather Catholic suggestion as an alternative to signs, legislation, marches, and hashtags:

  • Marry a person of the opposite sex and stay married to them through thick and thin.
  • Start have children after you get married.
  • Tell your spouse and kids you love them every day.
  • Spend no more money than you can afford.
  • Send your kids to Catholic school.
  • Get involved in your parish and go to Mass as often as possible (every Sunday being the absolute minimum).

Will my approach solve all the problems of the world? Maybe not. But it will do more good than declaring my house a gun free zone.

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