Nones on the Bus

495584940_d66f12081f_bI have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. – Martin Luther King Jr.

The 2018 mid-term elections proved beyond doubt that about half the American people don’t understand capitalism, the constitution or the founding principles of our nation.

There has been a whole lot of miseducation going on for decades.  People who should know better make some remarkably ignorant statements. In some ways, it isn’t their fault.  They truly don’t know any better.

A popular television commentator said in the wake of the voting that Republicans kept control of the Senate because of gerrymandering.  Of course, senators are elected at large in each state so gerrymandering isn’t possible.

The lying in political ads was shameless. In my own congressional district, the eventual winner likely succeeded by lying about his opponent.

It would be hard for me to choose which group of ignorance-promoters I find most distressing, but Nuns on the Bus would at least be near the top.

This is a group of, as the name suggests, nuns. They wander the country promoting social justice and, as their own materials suggests, do whatever they can to drive men/Republicans from office and replace them with women/Democrats.

To these bus riders, symbolism is more important than substance.  To me, they insult the intelligence and dignity of those they profess to support. They bury the truth and ignore right from wrong.

In my little corner of the world – suburban Chicago – the nuns were thrilled that three Republican lawmakers were defeated for re-election by three Democrats.  And even more tantalizing, two of the three winners are women replacing men.

All three newbies support policies that will increase taxes and reduce health care.  This is not a promotion of social justice. Of course, they all profess how much they care about others.

Sadly, all three newbies are strongly pro-abortion. The old guard was 100 percent pro-life.  Killing more babies is not an increase in social justice.

I fear we have lost our politics to feelings at the expense of facts and solid analysis to discover what really works to create social justice. The Republicans who lost in my local area were supporters of an economic system that has created the greatest nation in the history of the world.  The Democrats who are replacing them support the policies that made Venezuela what it is today: a failed economy with food shortages and vast unemployment. Of course, the politicians who destroyed Venezuela had really great intentions and really cared about the people

They failed because they adopted the same foolish, anti-human policies employed by the Soviet Union, East Germany, and Cuba. They failed not because they didn’t express their good intentions, but because they didn’t have a clue how to achieve them.

I’m afraid America may be headed down the same sad road.

Should I vote for a candidate who is female or black or Asian or white or whatever because of that surface quality? Or should I vote for them because of their character, their wisdom, their judgment, their devotion to the values of our Church and our nation??

Should I vote for a candidate who tells me how much they care – or a candidate who has a proven plan to improve the economy, environment, and national security

Martin Luther King Jr. wanted people to be judged for something more than skin color. I wager he would say the same about gender.

Nuns on the bus, if you asked people to vote for someone because of their gender, you insult both the candidate and their voter. You have chosen a thoughtless path.

If American continues to drift to the left, ignorant of its founding principles that protect the people from the government, we’re likely to come to fear our government. And we’ll have a lot more dead babies.

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