Faithful Catholic Voters Needed


Millions of opportunities are available on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. You don’t need years of experience. You don’t need to be a genius. You don’t need to be wealthy. It won’t require lots of time or spending a fortune.

All you have to do is vote. And as a Catholic, you have a responsibility to vote according to the beliefs of your faith.

It isn’t difficult. Keep it simple. Don’t get all tied in knots over liberals vs. conservatives vs. progressives vs. libertarians vs. Republicans vs. Democrats.

There are many issues.  Build the wall or not. Expand government or shrink it. Regulate more or less. Capitalism or socialism. Sox or Cubs.

All are important issues, but they are secondary to the three questions you must apply to any candidate:

  • Does the candidate support the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death?
  • Will the candidate protect the sanctity of true marriage, the union of one human female and one human male who are willing to cooperate in God’s plan for marriage, faithful, together, open to children?
  • Is the candidate willing to do whatever it takes to protect religious freedom?

Frankly, you may not have a candidate who will answer affirmatively to all three questions.  You might not one who get a single one right.

In that case, you still should vote. And, yes, vote for the candidate who you believe will do the least harm. Sometimes the best choice is to not make the worst choice.

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