I Did it so You Don’t Have to

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I have done you a favor that for me was painful and consumed several hours of my life that I’ll never get back.

I read the entire 110 pages of the BIDEN-SANDERS UNITY TASK FORCE RECOMMENDATIONS.  I have linked to the document in case you are not familiar with it or really want to read it.

In summary, the document says America bad, socialism good. It has a utopian tone to it that suggests the writers have little experience in the real world and have never studied history.

Of course, there once was a utopia on earth: The Garden of Eden. Just two humans, urged on by Satan’s serpentine surrogate, went astray. Imagine what Satan can do with the sophisticated socialists of today’s world.

Well, actually you can observe what the evil one can do. Think of Cuba or Venezuela. Think of the failed Soviet Union.

This latest description of a glorious society reads like something Stalin would have cooked up. Some of the participants in its creation probably think the old Soviets had their positive points. After all, Stalin may have killed 20 million of his fellow countrymen but he didn’t kill more than 100 million. He wasn’t ALL bad.

This “unity” document is based on the premise that America is a total disaster and by just making the commitment and spending trillions of dollars we can change the climate, pay everyone high wages in union jobs, house everyone in an energy-efficient home, give everyone free college and health care, and get everyone to work on a zero-emissions train fueled by geothermal energy.

You may think this sounds wonderful. Yes, and unicorns are wonderful creatures. But before you bite on the socialist bait of Biden-Sanders unity let me make a few predictions/warnings.

  1. If everyone gets equal housing the model won’t be a three-bedroom, two-bath, neo-classic house in Winnetka. It will be a one-bedroom apartment in a building with broken elevators and the bathroom down the hall.
  2. If everyone gets free health care it will be at the lowest common denominator level. Think North Korea.
  3. If everyone gets pollution-free transportation it won’t be a Tesla. You’ll be doing the Fred Flintstone shuffle.
  4. And as far as your high-paying job goes, no matter how much you make the government will tax most of it because nothing is free. Someone has to pay for everything government gives to someone else.

I expect most people who support this sort of thing will say they are willing to sacrifice and pay more in taxes to make it work.  What they mean is they will give up a trip to Starbuck’s once a week or cut their Netflix rentals a movie a month.

Reality would be much different. You lose your house, your car, and your savings. If you think all this would apply to someone else because you have a secure pension, safely invested annuity, or comfortable IRA, think again.

If we elect a government that promises to give us everything the only thing we can be sure of is that it will take all that we have. These people aren’t coming for the billionaires and millionaires. They are coming for us all.

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